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Anterior knee pain and patellar instability

This multidisciplinary book reviews the diagnosis and management of anterior knee pain and patellar instability in an eminently ...

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Chondral Disease of the Knee

This valuable resource features case studies that help the reader develop an understanding of chondral disease and hone the ...

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Classifications and Scores of the Shoulder

This book gives a clearly structured, well-defined compendium of classifications and scores of the shoulder for use in everyday ...

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Computer Mathematics : 8th Asian Symposium, ASCM 2007, Singapore, December 15-17, 2007. Revised and Invited Papers

This book constitutes thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 8th Asian Symposium on Computer Mathematics, ...

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Coordination: Neural, Behavioral and Social Dynamics

One of the most striking features of Coordination Dynamics is its interdisciplinary character. The problems we are trying ...

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Football Traumatology

Lesions associated with football are on the increase and their typology has also changed over the years. Football, like many ...

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Genetic Recombination

Genetic recombination is an important process involved in shaping the genetic make up of progeny. Increasingly, it has become ...

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Hip Sonography

Sonography of baby hips for the diagnosis of DDH and dysplasia has grown steadily in importance in recent years. A strict ...

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Human Nucleotide Expansion Disorders

Human neurological and neuromuscular disorders caused by nucleotide expansion, first discovered in 1991, are the focus of ...

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Imaging of Orthopedic Sports Injuries

This book, now in a revised and updated second edition, provides a review of imaging abnormalities in orthopedic sports injuries. ...

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Imaging of the Shoulder : Techniques and Applications

This volume covers the broad spectrum of imaging methods and abnormalities of relevance in the diagnostic workup of the shoulder. ...

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Long Memory in Economics

When applying the statistical theory of long range dependent (LRD) processes to economics, the strong complexity of macroeconomic ...

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Modern Trends in Geomechanics

This book is loaded with rich and stimulating articles by a roster of brilliant scholars, reflecting some recent trends in ...

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Power, Freedom, and Voting

Power, Freedom, and Voting is an interdisciplinary book that presents a comprehensive insight into current research by economists, ...

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Principles of Cartilage Repair

Cartilage defects affect patients of all age groups. Surgeons, teamdoctors, general practitioners and physiotherapists alike ...

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Rehabilitation in the dynamic stabilization of the lumbosacral spine

Until recently in the field of vertebral surgery, many diseases were managed with surgery of instrumented vertebral stabilization ...

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Semiconductor Lasers : Stability, Instability and Chaos

This monograph describes fascinating recent progress in the field of chaos, stability and instability of semiconductor lasers. ...

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Sixth IUTAM Symposium on Laminar-Turbulent Transition

The sixth IUTAM meeting in the series included seven invited lectures, fifty oral presentations and eight posters. During ...

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Statistical Hydrodynamic Models for Developed Mixing Instability Flows

Part textbook, part exploratory work, this book aims to raise the awareness of students, physicists, and engineers in turbulence ...

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Time and Space in Economics

In August 2005, a small but important conference took place at Chuo University in Tokyo, Japan. This international conference, ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /24