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11th Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biomedical Engineering and Computing 2007

Biomedical engineering today is a well-recognized area of research. It brings together bright minds from diverse disciplines ...

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A Review on Dental Materials

A Review on Dental Materials discusses the current biomaterials used for dental applications and the basic sciences underpinning ...

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Advanced Bioimaging Technologies in Assessment of the Quality of Bone and Scaffold Materials

This book provides a perspective on the current status of bioimaging technologies developed to assess the quality of musculoskeletal ...

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Advances in Dental Implantology using Nanomaterials and Allied Technology Applications

This book discusses how nanotechnology has influenced the provision of implant treatment from surgery to prosthetic reconstruction ...

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Advances in esthetic implant dentistry / El Askary, Abd El Salam

Offering innovative step-by-step protocols for surgical techniques and case studies, the book presents practical, clinically ...

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Application of the Finite Element Method in Implant Dentistry

Part of the new series, Advanced Topics in Science and Technology in China, this book is designed to give the necessary theoretical ...

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Artificial Sight : Basic Research, Biomedical Engineering, and Clinical Advances

Artificial sight is a frontier area of modern ophthalmology combining the multidisciplinary skills of surgical ophthalmology, ...

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Atlas of Mandibular and Maxillary Reconstruction with the Fibula Flap : A step-by-step approach / Giorgio De Santis, Peter G. Cordeiro, Luigi Chiarini

Deals with the standard technique used for reconstructing the mandible and the maxilla - the fibula flap. The reader will ...

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Basal Implantology

This manual will help oral implantologists to understand the principles that underlie the use of basal implants as a means ...

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Bio-Materials & Prototyping Applications in Medicine

Bio-Materials and Prototyping Applications in Medicine focuses on bio-materials and prototyping applications in medical environments. ...

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Here, a new discipline evolved which focuses on microsystems for living systems called "BIOMEMS". In this review at a glance ...

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Bioceramics and Alternative Bearings in Joint Arthroplasty

This group accomplishment has been made possible by the superb cooperation received from the speakers in sending us their ...

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Bioceramics and Alternative Bearings in Joint Arthroplasty

th ® Dear Colleague and Participant of the 12 International BIOLOX Symposium ® It is an honor for CeramTec to have the ...

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Biomedical Simulation

This book contains the written contributions to the Third International Sym- sium on Biomedical Simulation (ISBMS), which ...

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Body Sensor Networks

While the problems of long-term stability and biocompatibility are being addressed, several promising prototypes are starting ...

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Bone Augmentation in Implant Dentistry : A Step-by-Step Guide to Predictable Alveolar Ridge and Sinus Grafting / Michael A. Pikos

Implant dentistry has evolved tremendously over the past three decades and is rapidly progressing as new materials and protocols ...

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Bone Response to Dental Implant Materials / Adriano Piattelli

Examines the oral environment and the challenges associated with dental biomaterials. Understanding different in vivo and ...

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Cardiac Pacing for the Clinician

The second edition of Cardiac Pacing for the Clinician will provide a succinct, yet comprehensive reference for the implantation ...

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Cardiac Reconstructions with Allograft Tissues

Cryopreserved allograft tissues are now standard materials for the reconstructive cardiac surgeon. Since publication of the ...

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Cartilage Repair

Cartilage Repair Strategies is a comprehensive update of the present state of cartilage repair and regeneration. The information ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /90