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3D Recording and Interpretation for Maritime Archaeology

Includes recording and analysis of maritime archaeology through emerging technologies, including both practical and theoretical ...

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Aerosol Optics : Light Absorption and Scattering by Particles in the Atmosphere

is book provides a comprehensive review of available techniques for the remote sensing of aerosols. Although mostly satellite ...

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Air-Ice-Ocean Interaction : Turbulent Ocean Boundary Layer Exchange Processes

At a time when the polar regions are undergoing rapid and unprecedented change, understanding exchanges of momentum, heat ...

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Airglow as an Indicator of Upper Atmospheric Structure and Dynamics

The book summarizes international progress over the last few decades in upper atmosphere airglow research. Measurement methods, ...

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Sixty articles arranged in eight thematic sections refer to most recent geological and geophysical results of Antarctic research. ...

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Applied Hydrogeophysics

This book focuses on how hydrogeophysical methods can be applied to solve problems facing environmental engineers, geophysicists, ...

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Assessing and Managing Earthquake Risk

This book points out the need of a multidisciplinary approach in the field of risk assessment and management. It provides ...

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Avalanche Dynamics

Avalanches, debris, mudflows and landslides are common and natural phenomena that occur worldwide, predominantly in mountainous ...

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Biogeochemical Cycles in Globalization and Sustainable Development

This valuable study of environmental subsystems functioning under various climatic and anthropogenic conditions provides ...

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Carbonate Reservoir Characterization

One principal need in petroleum recovery from carbonate reservoirs is the description of the three-dimensional distribution ...

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Catastrophic Events Caused by Cosmic Objects

Many times all of us could hear from mass media that an asteroid approached and swept past the Earth. Such an asteroid or ...

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Cloud-Resolving Modeling of Convective Processes

The book introduces the framework of cloud-resolving model, methodologies for analysis of modeling outputs, and validation ...

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Cold Aqueous Planetary Geochemistry with FREZCHEM : From Modeling to the Search for Life at the Limits

At the core of the technical chapters is the FREZCHEM model, initially developed over many years by one of the authors to ...

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Continental Scientific Drilling

Scientific drilling is an indispensable tool of modern Earth science - search, as it provides the only means of obtaining ...

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Convective and Advective Heat Transfer in Geological Systems

This monograph aims to provide state-of-the-art theoretical results in a systematic treatment of convective and advective ...

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Data Processing in Precise Time and Frequency Applications

The book describes the data processing at various levels: design of the time and frequency references, characterization of ...

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Dictionary of Minor Planet Names : Addendum to Fifth Edition: 2006 - 2008

Dictionary of Minor Planet Names, Fifth Edition, is the official reference for the field of the IAU, which serves as the ...

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Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy : Principles and Applications

This book reviews the basics of atmospheric chemistry, radiation transport, and optical spectroscopy before detailing the ...

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Digital Soil Mapping with Limited Data

This book focuses on digital soil mapping methodologies and applications for areas where data are limited, and has the following ...

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Dynamic Magma Evolution / Francesco Vetere

Understanding the magmatic processes responsible for the chemical and textural signatures of volcanic products and igneous ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /81