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Angiogenesis : An Integrative Approach From Science to Medicine

It is an up-to-date and authoritative reference for the angiogenesis field as it relates to oncology. This book represents ...

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Applied Physiology in Intensive Care Medicine

A series of short papers published in Intensive Care Medicine since 2002 under the heading Physiologic Notes attempts to ...

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Atlas of Confocal Laser Scanning In-vivo Microscopy in Ophthalmology

Confocal microscopy with laser scanning technology yields in-vivo images of ocular and ocular adnexal surfaces that are so ...

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Biology and Mechanics of Blood Flows : Part I: Biology

Biology and Mechanics of Blood Flows presents the basic knowledge and state-of-the-art techniques necessary to carry out ...

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Comparative Placentation

Science produces fascinating puzzles: why is there such a range of placental structures when other mammalian organs are so ...

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Complex Systems in Biomedicine

Features contributions from several Italian research groups that are working on the field of biomedicine. Each chapter in ...

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Fabry Disease / Andreas Gal (auth.), Deborah Elstein, Gheona Altarescu, Michael Beck (eds.)

Fabry disease is an X-linked inborn error of metabolism wherein deficiency of a lysosomal enzyme results in systemic deposition ...

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Hypoxia and Exercise

The 14th volume in the series will focus on cutting edge research at the interface of hypoxia and exercise. The work will ...

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Mechanisms of Angiogenesis

Is it advisable to go back from bedside to the bench? During the last decade, few topics encountered such a broad interest ...

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NPY Family of Peptides in Neurobiology, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders: from Genes to Therapeutics

The NPY-family of peptides encompasses several groups of neurotransmitters and hormones, which exert diverse biological and ...

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New Frontiers in Angiogenesis

New Frontiers in Angiogenesis starts with a comprehensive overview of the field and continues with topics that have been ...

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Organ Microcirculation

This volume of the Keio University International Symposia for Life Sciences and Medicine contains the proceedings of the ...

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Overweight and the Metabolic Syndrome:

This volume examines the problem of the overweight individual and the metabolic syndrome from the laboratory bench to the ...

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Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXVI

The International Society of Oxygen Transport to Tissue (ISOTT) was founded in 1973 to provide a forum for bioengineers, ...

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Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXVII

This book about Proceedings of the 32nd scientific meeting of the International Society on Oxygen Transport to Tissue (ISOTT) ...

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Recent Advances in Retinal Degeneration

Special focus is highlighted in the areas of Mechanisms of Photoreceptor Degeneration and Cell Death (extremely important ...

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Signal Transduction in the Cardiovascular System in Health and Disease

This book has addressed the contributions of several key signal transduction pathways which are central to our understanding ...

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Source Book of Models for Biomedical Research

The collection of systems represented in the Sourcebook of Models for Biomedical Research reflect the diversity and utility ...

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The Arterial Chemoreceptors

This book represents an updated review of the physiology of the carotid body chemoreceptors. Additionally, this volume provides ...

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The Vascular Endothelium I

This wide ranging work provides a complete representation of the present state of knowledge of the vascular endothelium. ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /24