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Case Studies in Building Rehabilitation / J.M.P.Q. Delgado

Presents recent research and practical insights relating to building pathology. As such it contributes toward the systematization ...

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Construction Materials, Methods, and Techniques: Building for a Sustainable Future / Eva Kultermann, William P. Spence

Covers both traditional and contemporary materials, current industry standards and new and emerging technologies. The only ...

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Construction materials, methods and techniques : building for a sustainable future / Eva Kultermann, William P. Spence

Explores the most up-to-date green and sustainable methods for residential and commercial building construction as well as ...

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Ecological and Health Effects of Building Materials / Junaid Ahmad Malik, Shriram Marathe

Deals with the present adverse effects of using precarious building materials on the ecology and human health. Also, the ...

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Sustainable Building Design: Principles and Practice / Miles Keeping, David Shiers

Offers detailed, environmentally sound design solutions to a wide range of building engineering challenges. The text uses ...

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Sustainable Construction in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution / Ayodeji Emmanuel Oke, Clinton Aigbavboa, Seyi S. Stephen, Wellington Didibhuku Thwala

Provides readers with an understanding of various concepts, benefits, and practices that the adoption of Fourth Industrial ...

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Total Books: 1 - 6 /6