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AiREAS: Sustainocracy for a Healthy City : Phase 3: Civilian Participation – Including the Global Health Deal Proposition

This volume describes phase 3 of the AiREAS multidisciplinary cocreation effort to produce a Healthy City. Phase 1 referred ...

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Condorcets Paradox

It begins with a historical overview of the discovery of Condorcet's Paradox in the 18th Century, reviews numerous studies ...

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Game Theory

This book presents the basics of game theory both on an undergraduate level and on a more advanced mathematical level. It ...

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General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics

A good basic understanding of general equilibrium theory is a fundamental and indispensable background for advanced work ...

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Human and Organisational Factors Practices and Strategies for a Changing World

This book addresses several questions regarding the implementation of human and organisational factors (HOF) so that recent ...

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Mathematics and Democracy

In this book, different quantitative approaches to the study of electoral systems have been developed: game-theoretic, decision-theoretic, ...

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Mathematics and Politics : Strategy, Voting, Power and Proof

Mathematics and Politics requires no prerequisites in either subject. The underlying philosophy involves minimizing algebraic ...

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Power, Freedom, and Voting

Power, Freedom, and Voting is an interdisciplinary book that presents a comprehensive insight into current research by economists, ...

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Rational Choice and Social Welfare

The papers in this volume explore various issues relating to theories of rational choice and social welfare and their applications. ...

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Russian Contributions to Game Theory and Equilibrium Theory

The research of Soviet scientists within the field of game theory has resulted in many high-level publications. This book ...

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Social Choice and Strategic Decisions

Social choices, about expenditures on government programs, or about public policy more broadly, or indeed from any conceivable ...

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Social Multi-Criteria Evaluation for a Sustainable Economy

The real world is characterized by deep complexity. May be a rather unremarkable observation, yet it has important implications ...

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Sociology in Germany A History

This book traces the development of sociology in Germany from the late 19th century to the present day, providing a concise ...

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The Illusion of Risk Control

This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license.Managers and regulators need conceptual tools to help them develop risk ...

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Welfare Economics and Social Choice Theory, 2nd Edition

Welfare economics, and social choice theory, are disciplines that blend economics, ethics, political science, and mathematics. Topics ...

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Total Books: 1 - 15 /15