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Atlas de pathologie thoracique = Atlas of thoracic pathology

This book, devoted primarily to chest imaging, is divided into three main parts. The first brings together all the information ...

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Chest Sonography

Chest sonography is an established procedure in the stepwise imaging diagnosis of pulmonary and pleural disease. It is the ...

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Cough: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Treatment

This book provides an updated and comprehensive overview of cough, while opening new perspectives for their treatment and ...

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Diseases of the Chest, Breast, Heart and Vessels 2019-2022

This book focuses on diagnostic and interventional imaging of the chest, breast, heart, and vessels. It consists of a remarkable ...

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Lapproccio e la gestione per processi in pneumologia

L'integrazione del sistema di "gestione per la Qualità", con la valutazione e il miglioramento delle specifiche competenze ...

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Pulmonary Functional Imaging

This book reviews the basics of pulmonary functional imaging using new CT and MR techniques and describes the clinical applications ...

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Pulmonary Hypertension

This timely volume addresses the areas of pathophysiology and therapy of pulmonary hypertension, which have seen exciting ...

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Respiratory System and Artificial Ventilation

Respiratory system and artificial ventilation are key topics when considering the main aspects of Anaesthesiology and Critical ...

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Rhinosinusitis : A Guide for Diagnosis and Management

Rhinosinusitis is one of the most common health care complaints, with many millions of cases managed annually by a variety ...

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Sepsis is a multi-factorial disease process and this volume provides comprehensive and in-depth reviews of both the basic ...

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Tuberculosis in Adults and Children

This work contains updated and clinically relevant information about tuberculosis. It is aimed at providing a succinct overview ...

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Tumeurs endocrines thoraciques et digestives = Thoracic and digestive endocrine tumors

There is little literature on digestive and thoracic endocrine tumors. The complexity of their management, often entrusted ...

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Total Books: 1 - 12 /12