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Applied Physics of Carbon Nanotubes

The book describes the state-of-the-art in fundamental, applied and device physics of nanotubes, including fabrication, manipulation ...

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Broadband Opto-Electrical Receivers in Standard CMOS

Broadband Opto-Electrical Receivers in Standard CMOS starts from the basic fundamentals, necessary for the design of opto-electronic ...

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Carbon Nanotubes : Advanced Topics in the Synthesis, Structure, Properties and Applications

The carbon nanotubes field has evolved substantially since the publication of the bestseller "Carbon Nanotubes: Synthesis, ...

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Dilute III-V Nitride Semiconductors and Material Systems

A major current challenge for semiconductor devices is to develop materials for the next generation of optical communication ...

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Electromagnetic Theory for Microwaves and Optoelectronics

This book is a first year graduate text on electromagnetic fields and waves. At the same time it serves as a useful reference ...

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Electronic Devices and Circuit Design : Challenges and Applications in the Internet of Things / Suman Lata Tripathi, Smrity Dwivedi

Offers a broad view of the challenges of electronic devices and circuits for IoT applications. The book presents the basic ...

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Frontiers in Planar Lightwave Circuit Technology

This book is the result of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Frontiers in Planar Lightwave Circuit Technology, which ...

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Highly Sensitive Optical Receivers

Highly Sensitive Optical Receivers primarily treats the circuit design of optical receivers with external photodiodes. Continuous-mode ...

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Micro- and Opto-Electronic Materials and Structures: Physics, Mechanics, Design, Reliability, Packaging

Micro- and Opto-Electronic Materials and Structures: Physics, Mechanics, Design, Reliability, Packaging is the first comprehensive ...

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Mid-infrared Semiconductor Optoelectronics

Mid-infrared Semiconductor Optoelectronics is an overview of the current status and technological development in this rapidly ...

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Nanostructured and Advanced Materials for Applications in Sensor, Optoelectronic and Photovoltaic Technology

Nanotechnology is an emerging scientific field receiving significant worldwide attention. On a nanometer scale, materials ...

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Nonequilibrium Carrier Dynamics in Semiconductors

International experts gather every two years at this established conference to discuss recent developments in theory and ...

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Nonlinear Optical Crystals: A Complete Survey

Nonlinear optical crystals are widely used in modern optical science and technology for frequency conversion of laser light, ...

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Optical Chemical Sensors

Chemical sensing using optics is under extensive research all over the world and many optical chemical sensors are finding ...

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Optical Interconnects

Optical Interconnects provides a fascinating picture of the state of the art in optical interconnects and a perspective on ...

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Optical Scanning Holography with MATLAB

Optical scanning holography (OSH) is an emerging area of interest with many potential novel applications, such as 3-D pattern ...

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Organic Nanostructures for Next Generation Devices

This book provides the first comprehensive overview of fabrication, fundamental properties and applications of a new class ...

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Physics of Classical Electromagnetism

Physics of Classical Electromagnetism is written with concise introductory arguments emphasizing the original field concept, ...

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Self-Assembled Quantum Dots

Self-Assembled Quantum Dots provides up-to-date coverage of carrier and spin dynamics and energy transfer and structural ...

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Semiconductor Nanocrystal Quantum Dots

Advances in spectroscopic measurements were always correlated with advances in synthesis. The better the size, shape and ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /28