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Acetylsalicylic Acid / Karsten Schrör

Contains the latest results of clinical and pharmacological research on Acetylsalicylic acid, addressing the multiple pharmacological ...

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Adsorption and Diffusion

Molecular Sieves - Science and Technology covers, in a comprehensive manner, the science and technology of zeolites and all ...

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Cathodic Arcs : From Fractal Spots to Energetic Condensation

Cathodic Arcs: From Fractal Spots to Energetic Condensation is the first book in over a decade dedicated to the physics and ...

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Characterization II

Molecular Sieves - Science and Technology covers, in a comprehensive manner, the science and technology of zeolites and all ...

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Chemical Reactor Modeling : Multiphase Reactive Flows

Chemical Reactor Modeling closes the gap between Chemical Reaction Engineering and Fluid Mechanics. It presents the fundamentals ...

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Collaborative and Distributed Chemical Engineering. From Understanding to Substantial Design Process Support : Results of the IMPROVE Project

The focus of IMRPOVE is on understanding, formalizing, evaluating, and, consequently, improving design processes in chemical ...

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Dynamic Modeling, Predictive Control and Performance Monitoring : A Data-driven Subspace Approach

A typical design procedure for model predictive control or control performance monitoring consists of: identification of ...

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Flowing Matter

This book presents an introduction to selected research topics in the broad field of flowing matter, including the dynamics ...

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Formulas, Ingredients and Production of Cosmetics Technology of Skin- and Hair-Care Products in Japan / Hiroshi Iwata, Kunio Shimada

Provides the comprehensive knowledge and instruction necessary for researchers to design and create cosmetics products. The ...

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Frontline and Factory

This book represents a first considered attempt to study the factors that conditioned industrial chemistry for war in1914-18. ...

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Fuel Additives: Chemistry and Technology / Robert D. Tack

The book introduces and summarizes refinery operations to an extent that discussions of fuels in the following chapters become ...

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Group 13 Chemistry III

The present issue of Structure and Bonding is dedicated to applied group 13 chemistry, particularly for the elements boron ...

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Industrial Enzyme Applications / Andreas Vogel

This reference is a "must-read": It explains how an effective and economically viable enzymatic process in industry is ...

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International Steam Tables : Properties of Water and Steam Based on the Industrial Formulation IAPWS-IF97

This book contains steam tables for industrial use that have been calculated using the international standard for the thermodynamic ...

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Introduction to Physics and Chemistry of Combustion : Explosion, Flame, Detonation

Most of the material covered in this book deals with the fundamentals of chemistry and physics of key processes and fundamental ...

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Model-based Process Supervision : A Bond Graph Approach

Model-based fault detection and isolation requires a mathematical model of the system behaviour. Modelling is important and ...

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PEM Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts and Catalyst Layers : Fundamentals and Applications

PEM Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts and Catalyst Layers covers all of the fundamental aspects and applications of this field. ...

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Pollution atmosphérique : Des processus à la modélisation = Atmospheric pollution : From processes to modeling

Air quality, greenhouse effect, ozone hole, chemical or nuclear accidents ... All of these subjects have in common that they ...

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Principles in Microbiome Engineering / Matthew W. Chang

Covering a range of key topics, this up-to-date volume discusses current research in areas such as microbiome-based therapeutics ...

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Product Development within Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Legal Risk : Exemplary for Safe Autonomous Vehicles

This book synthesizes a supportive developer checklist considering sustainable Team and agile Project Management in the challenge ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /25