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Application of the Finite Element Method in Implant Dentistry

Part of the new series, Advanced Topics in Science and Technology in China, this book is designed to give the necessary theoretical ...

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Atlas of Mandibular and Maxillary Reconstruction with the Fibula Flap : A step-by-step approach / Giorgio De Santis, Peter G. Cordeiro, Luigi Chiarini

Deals with the standard technique used for reconstructing the mandible and the maxilla - the fibula flap. The reader will ...

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Bone Augmentation in Implant Dentistry : A Step-by-Step Guide to Predictable Alveolar Ridge and Sinus Grafting / Michael A. Pikos

Implant dentistry has evolved tremendously over the past three decades and is rapidly progressing as new materials and protocols ...

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Clinical and Laboratory Manual of Dental Implant Abutments / Hamid R. Shafie

Compiles technical information from a vast variety of sources, including implant manufacturers and designers, master dental ...

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Guided Surgery in Implantology

This book is an accurate introduction to guided implantology. As practitioners with many years of experience, the authors ...

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Microsurgery in Periodontal and Implant Dentistry : Concepts and Applications / Hsun-Liang (Albert) Chan, Diego Velasquez-Plata

Compiles all relevant information regarding fundamental concepts and advanced techniques related to the applications of minimally ...

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Misch's Contemporary Implant Dentistry / Randolph Resnik

Uses a multidisciplinary approach to cover the industry’s most current processes and surgical procedures. The new edition ...

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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for the Clinician

This comprehensive textbook provides a comprehensive coverage of principles and practice of oral and maxillofacial surgery. ...

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Principles of BOI

Basal Osseointegration as a procedure developed on the basis of disc implantology is the method most commonly used for the ...

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Total Books: 1 - 9 /9