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Applications of Computational Intelligence in Data-Driven Trading / Cris Doloc

The main purpose of this book is pedagogical in nature, and it is specifically aimed at defining an adequate level of engineering ...

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Computational Methods in Financial Engineering

The focus of this book is the development of computational methods and analytical models in financial engineering that rely ...

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Finance 4.0 - Towards a Socio-Ecological Finance System A Participatory Framework to Promote Sustainability

The first is Bitcoin that infamously pursues a state-independent, decentralized conception of money. The second is Finance ...

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Implementing Models in Quantitative Finance: Methods and Cases

This book puts numerical methods into action for the purpose of solving concrete problems arising in quantitative finance. ...

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Innovations in Derivatives Markets : Fixed Income Modeling, Valuation Adjustments, Risk Management, and Regulation

This book presents 20 peer-reviewed chapters on current aspects of derivatives markets and derivative pricing. The contributions, ...

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Market Momentum: Theory and Practice / Stephen Satchell, Andrew Grant

Market Momentum: It examines the behavioral and statistical causes of market momentum while also exploring the practical ...

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Numerical Methods in Computational Finance: A Partial Differential Equation (PDE/FDM) Approach / Daniel J. Duffy

This book is a detailed and step-by-step introduction to the mathematical foundations of ordinary and partial differential ...

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Quantitative Finance / Maria Cristina Mariani, Ionut Florescu

Written by accomplished teachers and researchers in the field, this book presents quantitative finance theory through applications ...

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Testing and Tuning Market Trading Systems : Algorithms in C++ / Timothy Masters

Build, test, and tune financial, insurance or other market trading systems using C++ algorithms and statistics. This book ...

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Total Books: 1 - 9 /9