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Artificial Neural Networks for the Modelling and Fault Diagnosis of Technical Processes

In this book, a wide spectrum of fault diagnosis techniques have been developed. A major category of fault diagnosis techniques ...

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Collecting Spatial Data : Optimum Design of Experiments for Random Fields

The book is concerned with the statistical theory for locating spatial sensors. It bridges the gap between spatial statistics ...

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Modelling and Estimation Strategies for Fault Diagnosis of Non-Linear Systems

This monograph presents a variety of techniques that can be used for designing robust fault diagnosis schemes for non-linear ...

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Statistical Design

Although statistical design is one of the oldest branches of statistics, its importance is ever increasing, especially in ...

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Understanding Statistics and Experimental Design

This textbook provides the background needed to correctly use, interpret and understand statistics and statistical data in ...

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mODa 8 - Advances in Model-Oriented Design and Analysis ; Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop in Model-Oriented Design and Analysis held in Almagro, Spain, June 4–8, 2007

The volume contains the proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Model-Oriented Design and Analysis. This book offers leading and ...

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Total Books: 1 - 6 /6