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Blockchain and Crypto Currency Building a High Quality Marketplace for Crypto Data

This book contributes to the creation of a cyber ecosystem supported by blockchain technology in which technology and people ...

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Computational Conflict Research

This book brings together a set of original studies that use cutting-edge computational methods to investigate conflict ...

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Fashion Recommender Systems / Nima Dokoohaki

The impact of social networks and the influence that fashion influencers have on the choices people make for shopping is ...

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Finding the Limits of the Limes

This book demonstrates the application of simulation modelling and network analysis techniques. The book shows the added ...

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Methodological Investigations in Agent-Based Modelling

This open access book examines the methodological complications of using complexity science concepts within the social science ...

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Networks and Geographies of Global Social Policy Diffusion : Culture, Economy, and Colonial Legacies

This book analyses the global diffusion of social policy as a process driven by multiplex ties between countries in global ...

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Non-Equilibrium Social Science and Policy

The overall aim of this book, an outcome of the European FP7 FET Open NESS project, is to contribute to the ongoing effort ...

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Total Books: 1 - 7 /7