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A Life Cycle for Clusters?

The phenomenon of non-random spatial concentrations of firms in one or few related sectors (clusters) is intensively debated ...

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Abstract State Machines, B and Z : First International Conference, ABZ 2008, London, UK, September 16-18, 2008. Proceedings

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the First International Conference of Abstract State Machines, B and Z, ...

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Analysis and Design of Information Systems : Third Edition

This third edition of the successful Analysis and Design of Information Systems provides a comprehensive introduction and ...

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Analysis, Control and Optimization of Complex Dynamic Systems

Analysis, Control and Optimization of Complex Dynamic Systems gathers in a single volume a spectrum of complex dynamic systems ...

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Artificial Markets Modeling

Agent-based computational modeling with its intrinsic multidisciplinary approach is gaining increasing recognition in the ...

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Aspects of Physical Biology : Biological Water, Protein Solutions, Transport and Replication

The present volume focuses on three main subtopics (biological water, protein solutions as well as transport and replication), ...

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Autonomous Systems - Self-Organization, Management, and Control : Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop held at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China, October 6–7, 2008

The International Workshop on "Autonomous Systems - Self-Organization, Management, and Control " is the eighth in a successful ...

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Autonomy Oriented Computing

Autonomy Oriented Computing explores the important theoretical and practical issues in AOC, by analyzing methodologies and ...

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Brain Dynamics : An Introduction to Models and Simualtions

Brain Dynamics serves to introduce graduate students and nonspecialists from various backgrounds to the field of mathematical ...

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Browning Agents and Active Particles : Collective Dynamics in the Natural and Social Sciences

Lays out a vision for a coherent framework for understanding complex systems'' (from the foreword by J. Doyne Farmer). ...

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Categories for Software Engineering

This book provides a gentle, software engineering oriented introduction to category theory. Assuming only a minimum of mathematical ...

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Chance : The life of games and the game of life

With its many easy-to-follow mathematical examples, this book takes the reader on an almost chronological trip through the ...

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Chaos : A Program Collection for the PC

This new edition strives yet again to provide readers with a working knowledge of chaos theory and dynamical systems through ...

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Chaos, Nonlinearity, Complexity

This carefully edited book presents a focused debate on the mathematics and physics of chaos, nonlinearity and complexity ...

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Complex Decision Making : Theory and Practice

The increasingly complex environment of today's world, characterized by technological innovation and global communication, ...

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Complex Engineered Systems

This volume examines the difficulties that arise in creating highly complex engineered systems and new approaches that are ...

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Complex Nonlinearity : Chaos, Phase Transitions, Topology Change and Path Integrals

The book starts with a textbook-like expose on nonlinear dynamics, attractors and chaos, both temporal and spatio-temporal, ...

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Complex System Maintenance Handbook

Complex System Maintenance Handbook is the first book to integrate this vast literature with chapters written by internationally-renowned ...

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Complex Systems Approach to Economic Dynamics

This monograph introduces new concepts of unstable periodic orbits and chaotic saddles which are unstable structures embedded ...

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Complex Systems Science in Biomedicine

Complex Systems Science in Biomedicine covers the emerging field of systems science involving the application of physics, ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /104