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Absolute Essentials of Business Behavioural Ethics / Nina Seppala

Behavioural ethics in business is an emerging field that has challenged some of the established wisdom about ethics and added ...

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Absolute Essentials of Business Ethics / Peter Stanwick, Sarah Stanwick

Explores practical applications of how business ethics impacts working lives, allowing readers to reflect on their own moral ...

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Anti-Money Laundering : A Practical Guide to Reducing Organizational Risk / Rose Chapman

Addresses the needs of the non-specialist compliance professional from a range of industries, backgrounds and experience Outlines ...

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Artificial Intelligence for a Better Future An Ecosystem Perspective on the Ethics of AI and Emerging Digital Technologies

This book proposes a novel approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI) ethics. AI offers many advantages: better and faster ...

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Artificial Intelligence, Business and Civilization : Our Fate Made in Machines / By Andreas Kaplan

Looks at what exactly artificial intelligence is, how it can be classified, how it differentiates from other concepts such ...

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Business Ethics : Methods and Application / Christian Becker

Business Ethics: Methods and Application provides a new systematic approach to normative business ethics that covers the ...

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Business Ethics from the 19th Century to Today : An Economist's View / David George Surdam

Combines elements of economic and business history to study business ethics from the nineteenth century to today. It concentrates ...

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Business and Professional Ethics / Leonard J. Brooks, Paul Dunn

Learn why ethical behavior is so important and how to recognize potential pitfalls that involve much more than memorizing ...

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CSR and Codes of Business Ethics in the USA, Austria (EU) and China and their Enforcement in International Supply Chain Arbitrations

Analyzes the implementation of CSR reporting and codes of business conduct and ethics in the legal systems of the USA, Austria ...

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Circular Entrepreneurship : Creating Responsible Enterprise / Antonella Zucchella , Sabine Urban

Investigation reveals enterprises small and large delivering a stimulating message, from changes in entrepreneurial mindsets ...

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Contemporary Reflections on Business Ethics

Ronald F. Duska, who began his career as a philosopher, has, over the last 30 years, established himself as one of the leading ...

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Corporate Governance in Japan

In Japan, the problem of corporate governance has been cogently argued in the ?eld of social science for the past decade, ...

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainability and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) : Approaches to Ethical Management / Tracy Dathe , René Dathe

Provides a comprehensive overview of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its practical applications. In addition to ...

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Corporate Sustainability in Practice : A Guide for Strategy Development and Implementation / Paolo Taticchi,

Building better organisations, with a clear sense of purpose, is a common challenge faced by many entrepreneurs and executives ...

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Cutting-edge issues in Business Ethics : Continental Challenges to Tradition and Practice

This volume is one of the very few publications dedicated to the challenges that Continental philosophy poses to the field ...

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Digital Dilemmas Exploring Social Media Ethics in Organizations

This book categorizes the dilemmas organizations across a range of industries can face when they implement social media ...

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Emerging Economic Models for Sustainable Businesses : A Practical Approach / Jayati Talapatra, Nayan Mitra

Analyses economic models that look at value propositions, creation and capture with ‘People, Planet and Profit’ deeply ...

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Equitable Research Partnerships

This book offers insights into the development of the ground-breaking Global Code of Conduct for Research in Resource-Poor ...

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Essentials of business law / Anthony L. Liuzzo

A practical, concise, and broad-based introduction to the vibrant field of business law. Both the traditional areas of law, ...

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Ethics and Business : An Introduction / Kevin Gibson

Offers a clear and accessible framework for understanding the important and complex ethical issues facing business in the ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /44