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An Introduction to Bioanalysis of Biopharmaceuticals / Seema Kumar

Provides a comprehensive review of the fundamental and practical aspects of bioanalytical support and the integral role it ...

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Aulton's Pharmaceutics : The Design and Manufacture of Medicines / Kevin Taylor, Michael Aulton

Offers a complete course in one book for students in all years of undergraduate pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences degrees. ...

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Aulton's pharmaceutics : the design and manufacture of medicines / Michael E. Aulton, Kevin Taylor

A comprehensive textbook covering the design of dosage forms and all aspects of drug delivery systems. Pharmaceutics in its ...

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Biopharmaceutical Processing : Development, Design, and Implementation of Manufacturing Processes

Biopharmaceutical Processing: Development, Design, and Implementation of Manufacturing Processes covers bioprocessing from ...

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Biopharmaceutics: From Fundamentals to Industrial Practice / Hannah Batchelor

Beginning with an expansive introduction to the basics of biopharmaceutics and the context that underpins the field, the ...

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Co- and Post-Translational Modifications of Therapeutic Antibodies and Proteins / T. Shantha Raju

A Comprehensive Guide to Crucial Attributes of Therapeutic Proteins in Biological Pharmaceuticals With this book, Dr. Raju ...

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Remington : The Science and Practice of Pharmacy / Adeboye Adejare

Offers a trusted, completely updated source of information for education, training, and development of pharmacists. Published ...

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Solvent Systems and Their Selection in Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics

Solvent systems are integral to drug development and pharmaceutical technology. The goal of this contribution to the AAPS ...

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Total Books: 1 - 8 /8