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Bioeconomy and Global Inequalities Socio-Ecological Perspectives on Biomass Sourcing and Production

This book explores bioeconomy and bioenergy policies across South America, Asia and Europe. It discusses how a transition ...

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In line with the current focus on a sustainable economy, bioethanol and other biofuels have received tremendous attention, ...

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Biofuels and Sustainability

This open access book presents a comprehensive analysis of biofuel use strategies from an interdisciplinary perspective using ...

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Bioproducts From Canadas Forests

For the first time, this opportune book provides a comprehensive treatment of the many innovative, non-timber bioproducts ...

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Building a Resilient and Sustainable Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa

What are the challenges and action points for agricultural sustainability in Sub-Saharan Africa? This collection of papers ...

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Climate Change and Energy Pathways for the Mediterranean : Workshop Proceedings, Cyprus

This the workshop proceedings present an overview of the implications of climate change for the eastern Mediterranean and ...

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Sustainable Energy Production and Consumption : Benefits, Strategies and Environmental Costing

This book about addressing both energy supply and demand, security of access, development problems, equity, market dy- mics, ...

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Sustainable Rice Straw Management

This book on straw management aims to provide a wide array of options for rice straw management that are potentially more ...

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Sustainable Use of Forest Biomass for Energy

With the large-scale utilization of forest biomass for energy still in its infancy, there is an urgent need to understand ...

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Total Books: 1 - 9 /9