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Allergic Diseases

In this updated third edition of the critically-acclaimed volume, expert physicians assemble user-friendly, clinically-oriented ...

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Animal Models of T Cell-Mediated Skin Diseases

Pharmaceutical companies are spending increasing amounts of money on drug discovery and development. Nevertheless, attrition ...

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Antibiotics as Anti-Inflammatory and Immunomodulatory Agents

Although the potential for immunomodulation has been recognized for many years there has been an explosion of data in this ...

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Atlas de pathologie thoracique = Atlas of thoracic pathology

This book, devoted primarily to chest imaging, is divided into three main parts. The first brings together all the information ...

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Bronchial Asthma

Hailed by professional journals and esteemed by primary care doctors everywhere, Bronchial Asthma: A Guide for Practical ...

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CT of the Airways

This book provides an authoritative resource on the art of CT in the diagnosis and monitoring of pulmonary disease. Exploiting ...

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Chlamydia pneumoniae Infection and Disease

This volume, part of the Infectious Agents and Pathogenesis series, is a complete portrait of C. pneumoniae and what is currently ...

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Cough: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Treatment

This book provides an updated and comprehensive overview of cough, while opening new perspectives for their treatment and ...

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Dail and Hammars Pulmonary Pathology : Volume I: Nonneoplastic Lung Disease

Dail and Hammar’s Pulmonary Pathology has established itself as the definitive reference in the field. This authoritative ...

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Disorders of the Respiratory Tract

In Disorders of the Respiratory Tract: the author covers the range of knowledge needed to provide excellent care for patients ...

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Handbook of Atopic Eczema

This second edition comprises the state of the art in pathophysiology, clinical medicine and therapeutic management. It demonstrates ...

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Immune-Mediated Diseases

Includes contributions from the speakers of the Second IMD Congress (September 10-15, 2007; Moscow, Russia) who are eager ...

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Immunology, Phenotype First: How Mutations Have Established New Principles and Pathways in Immunology

This monograph deals with the impact of classical genetics in immunology, prov- ing examples of how large immunological questions ...

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In Vivo Models of Inflammation Volume I

In Vivo Models of Inflammation (Vol. 1) provides biomedical researchers in both the pharmaceutical industry and academia ...

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In Vivo Models of Inflammation Volume II

In Vivo Models of Inflammation (Vol. 2) provides biomedical researchers in both the pharmaceutical industry and academia ...

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Integration in Respiratory Control

This volume comprises the proceedings of the 10th Oxford Conference held at Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada, in September, 2006. ...

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Matrix Metalloproteinases in Tissue Remodelling and Inflammation

Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are proteolytic enzymes believed to be involved in many physiological and pathological processes ...

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Microarrays in Inflammation

The book is of interest to academic and industrial researchers but also clinicians who are working on inflammation related ...

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Neural and Neuroendocrine Mechanisms in Host Defense and Autoimmunity

This comprehensive volume, written by experts in the integrative fields of neuroscience, endocrinology and immunology, provides ...

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Pediatric Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

Pediatric Allergy, Asthma and Immunology reflects the rapid progress in one of the most intriguing fields of medicine. The ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /26