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Acute Endocrinology : From Cause to Consequence

The integration of endocrinology in critical care medicine has led to new experimental and clinical data on the complex endocrine ...

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Anaesthesia, Pain, Intensive Care and Emergency A.P.I.C.E. : Proceedings of the 22nd Postgraduate Course in Critical Care Medicine Venice-Mestre, Italy — November 9–11, 2007

Improving standards of care is a real challenge in Intensive Care Medicine. Bettering clinical performance, patient safety, ...

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Anatomy for Anaesthetists / Harold Ellis, Andrew Lawson

Anaesthetists require a particularly specialized knowledge of anatomy. Designed for anaesthetists, Anatomy for Anaesthetists ...

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Anestetici locali in analgesia ostetrica : Il modello MLAC: dalla teoria alla pratica clinica = Local anesthetics in obstetric analgesia: The MLAC model: from theory to clinical practice

This monograph contains a detailed description of the MLAC method and its applications and an extensive and updated review ...

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Anesthesia Considerations for the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon / Matthew Mizukawa, Samuel J. McKenna, Luis G. Vega,

Strengthens the margin of safety of office-based anesthesia administration by helping practitioners determine whether the ...

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Clinical Anesthesia : Near Misses and Lessons Learned

This book serve as either an excellent review for the American Board of Anesthesiology’s oral exam or as an easy and practical ...

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Crisis Management in Acute Care Settings : Human Factors and Team Psychology in a High Stakes Enviroment

This book addresses all issues relevant to error prevention and safe practice in the acute and emergency health-care setting. ...

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Geriatric Anesthesiology

Geriatric Anesthesiology highlights both essential knowledge and recent breakthroughs of importance in the field. This completely ...

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Handbook of Local Anesthesia / Stanley Malamed

Covers all the latest advances in science, instrumentation, and pain control techniques. From basic concepts to specific ...

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Le syndrome de détresse respiratoire aiguë = Acute respiratory distress syndrome

This book gives a large place to mechanical ventilation, in particular to its optimization and the interest of its various ...

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Local Anaesthesia in Dentistry / Jacques A. Baart, Henk S. Brand

A comprehensive guide to the use of local anaesthesia in dentistry that will meet the needs of both students and dental practitioners. ...

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On Bypass : Advanced Perfusion Techniques

With the introduction of cardiac surgery more than five decades ago and the use of the heart-lung machine for open heart ...

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Orthogeriatrics The Management of Older Patients with Fragility Fractures

This new edition supported by the Fragility Fracture Network aims at giving the widest possible dissemination on fragility ...

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Pain in Children : A Practical Guide for Primary Care

Advances over the past two decades have enabled physicians to revolutionize the manner in which they can assess and manage ...

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Respiratory System and Artificial Ventilation

Respiratory system and artificial ventilation are key topics when considering the main aspects of Anaesthesiology and Critical ...

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Selective Digestive Tract Decontamination in Intensive Care Medicine: a Practical Guide to Controlling Infection

More than 20 years ago it was recognized by Stoutenbeek and colleagues that patients in the intensive care unit suffered ...

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Sepsis Management in Resource-limited Settings

The book includes an overview chapter outlining the current challenges and future directions of sepsis management as well ...

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Total Books: 1 - 17 /17