• 14 Nov 2020
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Participation of the Arab International University in the Academy of Social Research - International Junior Chamber - Damascus 2020.

The Social Research Academy, which is affiliated with the activities of the International Junior Chamber - Damascus for the year 2020, performed a training session, which was held at Cross Knowledge Foundation on 9 November 2020. The training was directed towards volunteer members of the International Junior Chamber in Damascus and selected trainees, as they were introduced to topics related to social research and its importance.
Dr. Serene Dalati conducted a training session on social research: quantitative and qualitative studies and a practical case study on “Female Academic Role Model Empowerment, Equality and Sustainability at Universities in Mediterranean Region: towards 2030 Agenda – FREE”.
A group of postgraduate students attended this session from Faculties of Sociology, Psychology and Business Administration within a distinguished academic and training environment.