• 05 Sep 2020
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A daily visit program to the university’s campus for new students wishing to join the university

For new students who wish to enroll in the university for the first semester of the academic year 2020-2021, and who wish to visit the university’s headquarters and facilities (with their families if they wish), we would like to inform you that a daily visit program has been organized to the university’s campus, as of Saturday 05/09 / 2020, with transportation to and from the university’s headquarters, provided that the departure time is at exactly 11 am / by the university administration office on the Mezzeh highway, opposite al-Galaa, above Majesty Restaurant.
The visit program includes the following:
• Introducing the colleges' buildings at the university
• Visiting the Directorate of Admission and Registration and answer inquiries related to student admission.
• Visiting the central library.
• Visiting sports facilities, university facilities and restaurants.
Learning about the concerned college and the specializations it has.
A tour of the concerned college, its halls and laboratories.