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Voices of Trauma

Publication year: 2007

ISBN: 978-0-387-69797-0

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Synthesizing insights from psychiatry, social psychology, and anthropology, Voices of Trauma: Treating Survivors across Cultures sets out a framework for therapy that is as culturally informed as it is productive. An international panel of 23 therapists offers contextual knowledge on PTSD, coping skills, and other trauma sequelae as they affect survivors of traumatic events. Case studies from Egypt to Chechnya demonstrate various therapeutic approaches (and the Cultural Formation of Diagnosis from the DSM-IV), often integrated with social agencies outside the clinical setting. Authors explore the balance of inter- and intrapersonal factors in reactions to trauma, dispel misconceptions that hinder progress in treatment, and provide profound examples of mutual trust and empathy, even how the wounded may heal the therapist.

Subject: Behavioral Science, Counseling, Encounter, Intervention, Sandplay therapy, Supervision, Syndrom, Trauma, coping, diagnosis, psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy, psychotraumatology, social psychology