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Abnormal Psychology for First Responders

Publication year: 2007

ISBN: 978-0-387-35465-1

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Natural disasters. Hostage situations. Terror attacks. During these and other emergency situations, first responders make split-second judgments: evaluating risks, identifying dangerous conditions, and—often the hardest job of all—attending to those distressed and disturbed by their ordeal. First Responder's Guide to Abnormal Psychology gives readers critical insights into the human impact of extreme trauma, and the various levels of mental impairment suffered by both victims and survivors. Renowned trauma experts William Dorfman and Lenore Walker give this book immediate relevance through the use of real-life examples from a wide range of crisis situations. They have also deliberately minimized research citations within the text for greater readability.

Subject: Behavioral Science, CISM, Emotion, Forensics, Intervention, Trauma, behavior, police, psychology