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The Definitive Guide to Stellent Content Server Development

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-1-4302-0178-6

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The Definitive Guide to Stellent Content Server Development is the most complete book available for this enterprise content management application. It gives an introduction to content management, followed by an in-depth discussion of Stellent's core service-oriented architecture. It details how its flexible, component-driven model makes it easy to customize the appearance and behavior of the server. Focusing on the developer, this book gives step-by-step examples for creating data entry forms, designing skins, adding services, customizing the web interface, integrating with other applications, and modifying the behavior with Java. Throughout the book the author reveals tips and tricks on security, performance, metadata design, maintenance, undocumented features, and general best practices.

Subject: Professional and Applied Computing, Java, architecture, design, development, interfaces, language, security