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Unifying Themes in Complex Systems, Vol. IIIA: Overview

Publication year: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-35872-5

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This volume contains selected transcripts from presentations given at the conference. Speakers include: Chris Adami, Kenneth Arrow, Michel Baranger, Dan Braha, Timothy Buchman, Michael Caramanis, Kathleen Carley, Greg Chaitin, David Clark, Jack Cohen, Jim Collins, George Cowan, Clay Easterly, Steven Eppinger, Irving Epstein, Dan Frey, Ary Goldberger, Helen Harte, Leroy Hood, Don Ingber, Atlee Jackson, Stuart Kauffman, Jay Lemke, Simon Levin, Edward Lorenz, Ronnie Mainieri, David Meyer, Daniel Miller, Alan Perelson, Stuart Pimm, Stephen Small, Temple Smith, Eugene Stanley, Jeff Stock, Nam Suh, Duncan Watts and George Whitesides.

Subject: Physics and Astronomy, biocomplexity, complex system, complex systems, neural networks, self-organization