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Le complicazioni neurologiche in oncologia

Publication year: 2006

ISBN: 978-88-470-0440-5

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Although the last few years have seen a tumultuous development in cancer research, cancer remains the cause of death for 30% of Italians. Therapeutic advances facilitate healing and prolong life, but for this very reason they make the undesirable effects of therapies and complications of previously less frequent neoplasms more evident; in many cases the damage from treatment, rather than that due to the primary neoplasm, becomes the main risk for the quality of life and survival of patients. This volume, both necessary and new in the panorama of Italian medical literature, acknowledges this and presents an updated and complete review of the pathologies of the central and peripheral nervous system associated with tumors and their treatment. The purpose of the volume is to present an integrated approach between specialists that must see the neurologist and the oncologist in dialogue, and able to develop a new super-specialized clinical capacity in neuro-oncology. Many experts have contributed to its preparation by sharing knowledge on topics ranging from metastatic complications, to those of surgical cancer therapy, radio- and chemo-therapy, paraneoplastic syndromes, pain therapy, delirium and the affective alterations associated with the disease. The book is aimed in particular at neurologists, oncologists, palliative care practitioners and surgeons, but it is certainly useful for general practitioners and all operators who are daily involved in the demanding work of taking care of cancer patients.

Subject: Medicine, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Medicine & Public Health, Oncology