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Neural Information Processing (vol. # 4232)

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-46480-8

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This book and its companion volumes constitute the Proceedings of the 13th - ternationalConferenceonNeuralInformationProcessing(ICONIP2006)heldin Hong Kong during October 3–6,2006. ICONIP is the annual ?agship conference oftheAsiaPaci?cNeuralNetworkAssembly(APNNA)withthepasteventsheld in Seoul (1994), Beijing (1995), Hong Kong (1996), Dunedin (1997), Kitakyushu (1998), Perth(1999), Taejon(2000), Shanghai(2001), Singapore(2002), Istanbul (2003), Calcutta(2004), andTaipei(2005). Overtheyears, ICONIPhasmatured into a well-established series of international conference on neural information processing and related ?elds in the Asia and Paci?cregions. Following the tra- tion, ICONIP 2006 provided an academic forum for the participants to diss- inate their new research ?ndings and discuss emerging areas of research.

Subject: Computer Science, algorithms, bioinformatics, classification, computer vision, data security, evolutionary algorithm, fuzzy system, hardware, image processing, information processing, information security, modeling, optimization, robot, robotics