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Model Driven Architecture and Ontology Development

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-32182-8

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Gaševic and his co-authors try to fill this gap by covering the subject of MDA application for ontology development on the Semantic Web. Part I of their book describes existing technologies, tools, and standards like XML, RDF, OWL, MDA, and UML. Part II presents the first detailed description of OMG’s new ODM (Ontology Definition Metamodel) initiative, a specification which is expected to be in the form of an OMG language like UML. Finally, Part III is dedicated to applications and practical aspects of developing ontologies using MDA-based languages.

Subject: Computer Science, Ontology Definition Metamodel, UML, XML, artificial intelligence, description logic, development, knowledge, knowledge representation, language, modeling, ontology, semantic web, software, software engineering, standards