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Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics

Publish Date: 2001

ISBN: 978-3-540-48199-7

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Structural Equations in Language Learning.- On the Distinction between Model-Theoretic and Generative-Enumerative Syntactic Frameworks.- Contributed Papers.- A Formal Definition of Bottom-Up Embedded Push-Down Automata and Their Tabulation Technique.- An Algebraic Approach to French Sentence Structure.- Deductive Parsing of Visual Languages.- Lambek Grammars Based on Pregroups.- An Algebraic Analysis of Clitic Pronouns in Italian.- Consistent Identification in the Limit of Any of the Classes k-Valued Is NP-hard.- Polarized Non-projective Dependency Grammars.- On Mixing Deduction and Substitution in Lambek Categorial Grammars.- A Framework for the Hyperintensional Semantics of Natural Language with Two Implementations.- A Characterization of Minimalist Languages.- of Speech Tagging from a Logical Point of View.- Transforming Linear Context-Free Rewriting Systems into Minimalist Grammars.- Recognizing Head Movement.- Combinators for Paraconsistent Attitudes.- Combining Syntax and Pragmatic Knowledge for the Understanding of Spontaneous Spoken Sentences.- Atomicity of Some Categorially Polyvalent Modifiers.

Subject: Computer Science, Automated Reasoning, Categorial Grammars, Grammar Systems, Information Extraction, Natural Language Processing, Parsing, Semantics, Syntax, Type Systems, automata, computational linguistics, formal language, learning, linguistics, natural language