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Integrated Formal Methods

Publish Date: 2002

ISBN: 978-3-540-47884-3

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One of the goals of IFM 2002 was to further investigate these themes. Moreover, IFM 2002 explored the relations between formal methods and graphical notations, especially the industrialstandardlanguageforsoftwaredesign,theUni?edModelingLanguage (UML). The themes of IFM 2002 re?ect what we believe is a growing trend in the Formal Methods and Software Engineering research communities. Over the last threedecades,computerscientistshavedevelopedarangeofformalismsfocusing on particular aspects of behavior or analysis, such as sequential program str- tures,concurrentprogramstructures,dataandinformationstructures,temporal reasoning, deductive proof, and model checking. Much e?ort is now being - voted to integrating these methods in order to combine their advantages and ensure they scale up to industrial needs. Graphical notations are now widely used in software engineering and there is growing recognition of the importance ofprovidingthesewiththeformalunderpinningsandformalanalysiscapabilities found in formal methods.

Subject: Computer Science, Simulation, Unified Modeling Language (UML), algorithm, algorithms, design, distributed systems, formal method, model checking, modeling, petri net, real-time, semantics, system development, verification