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Innovative Concepts for Autonomic and Agent-Based Systems

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-69266-9

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This volume includes revised versions of papers presented at the workshop. The workshop was structured so as to allow adequate time for discussion and interaction, to exchange ideas and reflect on the motivations, scientific grounds and practical consequences of the concepts presented. Many of the ideas are truly “radical”, and so authors were given time to revise their papers to reflect further thoughts on the ideas presented and to reflect feedback received at the workshop. We are grateful to Jeff Kephart for a very interesting keynote speech describing IBM’s current and future work in this field, which fit very well with the aims and scope of the workshop.

Subject: Computer Science, Evolution, Processing, Scala, agent applications, agent communication, agent modeling, agent reasoning, agent-oriented software engineering, autonomic communication, computational agents, knowledge, learning, modeling, multi-ag, robot