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Infrastructure for Agents, Multi-Agent Systems, and Scalable Multi-Agent Systems

Publish Date: 2001

ISBN: 978-3-540-47772-3

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Building research grade multi-agent systems usually involves a broad variety of software infrastructure ingredients like planning, scheduling, coordination, communication, transport, simulation, and module integration technologies and as such constitutes a great challenge to the individual researcher active in the area. The book presents a collection of papers on approaches that will help make deployed and large scale multi-agent systems a reality. The first part focuses on available infrastructure and requirements for constructing research-grade agents and multi-agent systems. The second part deals with support in infrastructure and software development methods for multi-agent systems that can directly support coordination and management of large multi-agent communities; performance analysis and scalability techniques are needed to promote deployment of multi-agent systems to professionals in software engineering and information technology.

Subject: Computer Science, Agent Coordination, Agent Systems Design, Agent Systems Engineering, Agent Systems Performance, Agent-Based Systems, Agent-Oriented Software Engineering, Autonomous Agents, Multi-Agent Systems, Multi-agent system, Scala, Scalable Agent Systems, agents, communication, simulation, software engineering