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Information Technology and Lawyers

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-1-4020-4146-4

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The area of Information Technology & Lawyers is a fascinating one. Both from a practical and an academic perspective the opportunities of applying Information Technology to law are tremendous. At the same time, however, lawyers are amongst the most conservative professionals, and traditional late adapters of technology. Nowadays the gap between Information Technology & Lawyers is closing more and more, in particular due to the Internet and the richness of legal sources that can be found online. This book provides material to further bridge the gap by showing people with a legal background what is possible with Information Technology now and in the near future, as well as by showing people with an IT background what opportunities exist in the domain of law.

Subject: Computer Science, artificial intelligence, case-based reasoning, case-based reasoning, databases, decision support system, intelligence, knowledge discovery, law, proving