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Fundamental Networking in Java

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-1-84628-252-2

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This book is an in-depth learning and teaching resource for the understanding and programming of TCP/IP networking in Java. It covers 'everything you can do to a socket in Java' and explains when and why you might - or might not - want to do that. The book covers TCP and UDP using both blocking streams and non-blocking channels, and also SSL secure sockets in both blocking and non-blocking modes, unravelling the mysteries of the SSLEngine in the process. Particular attention is paid to the neglected topics of multi-homing and multicast. A unique chapter on client and server architectures uses a quantitative approach rather than the usual design-patterns approach, leading to architectures with predictable performance rather than just coding elegance.

Subject: Computer Science, Client Mode, Firewall, Host, Internet, Java, Socket, TCP, IP, Unicast, datagram, programming, tools