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Digital Mammography

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-35627-1

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This volume of Springer’s Lecture Notes in Computer Science series records th the proceedings of the 8 International Workshop on Digital Mammography (IWDM), which was held in Manchester, UK, June 18–21, 2006. The meetings bringtogetheradiversesetofresearchers(physicists,mathematicians,computer scientists, engineers), clinicians (radiologists, surgeons) and representatives of industry, who are jointly committed to developing technology, not just for its ownsake,but to supportclinicians inthe earlydetection andsubsequentpatient management of breast cancer.

Subject: Computer Science, CAD, Performance, Textur, algorithms, biomedical image processing, biomedical modeling, breast cancer, classification, computed tomography (CT), digital tomosynthesis, image analysis, image compression, image registration, learning, proving