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Data Integration in the Life Sciences (vol. # 4075)

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-36595-2

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Data management and data integration are fundamental problems in the life sciences. Advances in molecular biology and molecular medicine are almost u- versallyunderpinned by enormouse?orts in data management,data integration, automatic data quality assurance, and computational data analysis. Many hot topics in the life sciences, such as systems biology, personalized medicine, and pharmacogenomics, critically depend on integrating data sets and applications producedby di?erent experimentalmethods, in di?erent researchgroups,andat di?erent levels of granularity.

Subject: Computer Science, Annotation, DOM, Web services, XML, bioinformatics, biomedical data analysis, clustering, data analysis, data mining, data transformation ontologies, databases, genome, indexing, interoperability, life sciences