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Autonomic Communication (vol. # 3854)

Publication year: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-32993-0

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The Second IFIP Workshop on Autonomic Communication (WAC 2005) took place on October 2–5, 2005, IFIP TC6 provided scientific sponsorship through Working Groups IFIP WG6. 6 (Management of Networks and Distributed Systems) and IFIP WG6. 3 (Performance of Communication Systems). The workshop was organized at a time when the – yet to be well defined – field of autonomic communication (AC) is attracting the interest of both the scientific community and the research funding organizations. The latter is manifested, on one hand, by the numerous recent relevant research exploratory forums, workshop panels, preliminary forward-looking position papers, research outlooks and frameworks and, on the other hand, by the commitment of the FET program of the European Commission in Europe to funding long-term research in this area for the next four years.

Subject: Computer Science, Routing, Session, Switch, ad-hoc networks, autonomic behavior, autonomic communication, communication, communication calculi, configuration, dynamic network communities, genetic programming, mobile code communication services, network protocols, organization, security