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Advanced Topics in Exception Handling Techniques

Publication year: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-37445-9

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Modern software systems are becoming more complex in many ways and are having to cope with a growing number of abnormal situations which, in turn, are increasingly complex to handle.This book is composed of five parts; the first four deal with topics related to exception handling in the context of programming languages, concurrency and operating systems, pervasive computing systems, and requirements and specifications. The last part focuses on case studies, experimentation and qualitative comparisons. The 16 coherently written chapters by leading researchers competently address a wide range of issues in exception handling.

Subject: Computer Science, D programming language, Exception, Java, agent-oriented software engineering, concurrent systems, distributed programming, distributed systems, error handling, exception handling, exception management, fault handling, language design, object-oriented programming, operating system, programming