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An Introduction to Global Spectral Modeling

Publication year: 2006

ISBN: 978-0-387-32962-8

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Numerical weather prediction is receiving increased attention as weather forecasters aim to improve the numerical models used to forecast the weather. This is a textbook on global spectral modeling, which is an important component for global weather forecasts at numerous operational centers. This book covers all areas of model development including numerical analysis, treatment of clouds, mountains, radiation, precipitation processes, and the surface layers over land and the ocean. The objectives of this book are to provide a systematic and sequential background for students, researchers, and operational weather forecasters in order to develop comprehensive weather forecast models. This is designed for a one semester introductory graduate level course on weather prediction methodologies. As a prerequisite it requires a basic background in meteorology, applied mathematics, and numerical analysis.

Subject: Earth and Environmental Science, Global Spectral Modeling, Meteorology, Numerical weather prediction, Scale, Weather forecasting, digital elevation model