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Customer Processes in Business-to-Business Service Transactions

Publication year: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-8350-9447-5

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Janine Frauendorf analyzes how customer processes can be used to optimize the overall service process. In this context, the service blueprint represents the key tool of the thesis – originally a tool for designing and optimizing the internal process of the service operator, it is now extended by the customer process side. Transaction cost theory, as the link between supplier process and customer process, on the one hand and the script construct from cognitive psychology on the other, provide the theoretical basis for the thesis. On the basis of empirical results, the author presents significant implications for services research and helpful suggestions for business practice.

Subject: Business and Economics, Dienstleistungsmarketing, Kundenprozess, Prozessmanagement, Service blueprint, Service engineering, business, data analysis, design