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Introduction to Ion Beam Biotechnology

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-0-387-25586-6

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It presents treatment of modern ion beam biotechnology and with respect to applications of ion beam bombardment of living cellular material in the hybrid field of ion beam physics and biology.Key Topics include: – Ion beam formation – Ion implantation fundamentals – Interaction between energetic ions and biological organisms – Reaction processes of ion implanted biological small molecules – Damage and repair of ion-bombarded DNA – Cell damage due to ion bombardment – Biological effects of ion implantation – Fundamentals of ion-bombardment-induced genetic variation – Ion beam mutation breeding of crops – Ion beam mutation breeding of microbes – Ion beam induced gene transfer – Ion beam induced synthesis of organic molecules – Single-ion bombardment mutation of cells

Subject: Chemistry and Materials Science, DNA, bioengineering, biotechnology, gene transfer, ion beam, microbe, reaction, translation, virus