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Gallium Nitride Processing for Electronics, Sensors and Spintronics

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-1-84628-359-8

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Semiconductor spintronics is expected to lead to a new generation of transistors, lasers and integrated magnetic sensors that can be used to create ultra-low power, high speed memory, logic and photonic devices. Useful spintronic devices will need materials with practical magnetic ordering temperatures and current research points to gallium and aluminium nitride magnetic superconductors as having great potential.Gallium Nitride Processing for Electronics, Sensors and Spintronics details current research into the properties of III-nitride semiconductors and their usefulness in novel devices such as spin-polarized light emitters, spin field effect transistors, integrated sensors and high temperature electronics.

Subject: Chemistry and Materials Science, GaN, Gallium nitride, Materials Processing, Sensors, electronics, power electronics, spintronics