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Spatial Econometrics

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-32305-1

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In recent years the so-called new economic geography and the issue of regional economic convergence have increasingly drawn the interest of economists to the empirical analysis of regional and spatial data. Spatial econometric techniques receive little or no attention in the major econometric textbooks. Very occasionally the standard econometric textbooks devote a few paragraphs to the subject, but most of them simply ignore the subject. On the other hand spatial econometric books (such as Anselin, 1988 or Anselin, Florax and Rey, 2004) provide comprehensive and - haustive treatments of the topic, but are not always easily accessible for people whose main degree is not in quantitative economics or statistics. This book aims at bridging the gap between economic theory and spatial stat- tical methods.

Subject: Business and Economics, Analysis, Economic Geography, Regional Convergence, Spatial Econometrics, Spatial Statistics, econometrics, geographic data