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Real Optimization with SAP® APO

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-3-540-34624-1

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In this book the authors point out how relatively young even the word “model” is. On top of that, the concept is rather elusive. How to deal with a technology that finds applications in things as diferentas logistics,robotics,circuit layout,financial deals and trafic control Although, during the last decades, we made significant progress, the broad public remained largely unaware of that. The days of John von Neumann, with his vast halls full of people frantically working mechanical calculators are long gone. Things that looked completely impossible in my youth, like solving mixed integer problems are routine by now. All that was not just achieved by ever faster and cheaper computers, but also by serious progress in mathematics.

Subject: Business and Economics, APS, Advanced Planning System, Information Technology (IT), Manufacturing, Mathematical Optimization, Planning, SAP, SAP APO, SCM, Supply Chain Management, operations research, optimization