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Evidence-based Practice in Medicine and Health Care

Publication year: 2005

ISBN: 978-3-540-27133-8

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Evidence-based Medicine (EBM) is feared to become a kind of cook-book medicine that has nothing to do with the traditional skills and ethics. This volume shows the contribution EBM makes and might make to medical practice and health policy. It describes as many viewpoints as possible with a focus on the ethical issues that are at stake in this process. It shows how EBM has developed from an internal medical issue to an instrument for health policy. It is the outcome of the European Project "Ethical Issues of Evidence Based Practice in Medicine and Health Care" and gives insight into the ethical background of the debate on the role of EBM in various areas of medicine, including clinical practice, medical education, medical research, health policy and medical sociology.

Subject: Medicine, Evidence-based Health Care, Evidenzbasierte Medizin, cardiology, ethics, health care, health care system, health policy, managed care, medicine, patients, sociology