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Biomimetic Neural Learning for Intelligent Robots

Publication year: 2005

ISBN: 978-3-540-31896-5

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This book presents research performed as part of the EU project on biomimeticmultimodal learning in a mirror neuron-based robot (MirrorBot) and contribu-tions presented at the International AI-Workshop on NeuroBotics. The over-all aim of the book is to present a broad spectrum of current research intobiomimetic neural learning for intelligent autonomous robots. In this book we show the development of newtechniques using cell assemblies, associative neural networks, and Hebbian-typelearning in order to associate vision, language and motor concepts. We havedeveloped biomimetic multimodal learning and language instruction in a robotto investigate the task of searching for objects. As well as the research performedin this area for the MirrorBot project, the second part of this book incorporatessignificant contributions from other research in the field of biomimetic robotics.This second part of the book concentrates on the progress made in neuroscienceinspired robotic learning approaches (in short: NeuroBotics). We hope that this book stimulates and encourages new research in this in-teresting and dynamic area.

Subject: Computer Science, behavior, biomimetic robots, cognitive robots, imitation and neural net, intelligent systems, learning, learning for robots, learning self localization and mapping, neural networks for robots, neural vision, robot, robotics, speech interfaces and neural networks, spiking neural networks in robots, talking robots