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Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering Applications: A Bioinspired Approach

Publication year: 2005

ISBN: 978-3-540-31673-2

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The computational paradigm considered here is a conceptual, theoretical andformal framework situated above machines and living creatures (two instantia-tions), sufficiently solid, and still non-exclusive, that allows us:1. to help neuroscientists to formulate intentions, questions, experiments, meth-ods and explanation mechanisms assuming that neural circuits are the psy-chological support of calculus;2. to help scientists and engineers from the fields of artificial intelligence (AI)and knowledge engineering (KE) to model, formalize and program the com-putable part of human knowledge;3. to establish an interaction framework between natural system computation(NSC) and artificial system computation (ASC) in both directions, fromASC to NSC (in computational neuroscience), and from NSC to ASC (inbioinspired computation).

Subject: Computer Science, Lamarck, Simulation, artificial neural networks, bio-inspired computing, brain-like computing, computational neuroscience, evolutionary algorithms, genetic algorithms, intelligence, learning, machine learning, neural computing, neuroscie, optimization, robotics