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Classification and Clustering for Knowledge Discovery

Publication year: 2005

ISBN: 978-3-540-32404-1

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This book covers recent advances in unsupervised and supervised data analysis methods in Computational Intelligence for knowledge discovery. In its first part the book provides a collection of recent research on distributed clustering, self organizing maps and their recent extensions. If labeled data or data with known associations are available, we may be able to use supervised data analysis methods, such as classifying neural networks, fuzzy rule-based classifiers, and decision trees. Therefore this book presents a collection of important methods of supervised data analysis. "Classification and Clustering for Knowledge Discovery" also includes variety of applications of knowledge discovery in health, safety, commerce, mechatronics, sensor networks, and telecommunications.

Subject: Engineering, Extension, classification, clustering, communication, computational intelligence, data analysis, decision tree, fuzzy, intelligence, knowledge, knowledge discovery, mechatronics, neural network, neural networks, uncertainty