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AI in Marketing, Sales and Service : How Marketers without a Data Science Degree can use AI, Big Data and Bots / Peter Gentsch

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-319-89957-2

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Shows you: how customer and market potential can be automatically identified and profiled; how media planning can be intelligently automated and optimized with AI and Big Data; how (chat)bots and digital assistants can make communication between companies and consumers more efficient and smarter; how you can optimize Customer Journeys based on Algorithmics and AI; and how to conduct market research in more efficient and smarter way.

Subject: Business, Marketing, Business and Management, Data Analysis and Big Data, Market Research and Competitive Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Business and Management, Digitization, Business analytics, Maturity model, Algorithmic strategy, Machine learning, Data mining, Big data, chatbots