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Marketing Communications in Emerging Economies, Volume II : Conceptual Issues and Empirical Evidence / Thomas Anning-Dorson

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-81337-6

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Aims to share fascinating perspectives on marketing communications by discussing the shift in the power of public relations, and highlighting how the small and local use communication effectively to improve performance and shares useful lessons on how to communicate hope by responding to customer emotions during uncertainties. The book contains valuable lessons and insights on communicating corporate social responsibility, effective social media communication, enacting brand purpose through communication, and using aesthetics in point-of-purchase advertising to drive purchase intention.

Subject: Business, Marketing, Business and Management, Emerging Markets and Globalization, Marketing mix, Communications, social media, International marketing, Emerging economies, Marketing communications, corporate social responsibility, Conceptual issues, Public relations, Traditional marketing, Digital marketing, Communication process